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Executive Talks


Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Philomina Global Head office located at Khartoum City that is well known, and having branches @ Port Sudan (Seaport City), and our modern office systems and all staff to give excellent services to our potential customers and worldwide associates.

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Since the year 2000 INÍCIO TRANSITÁRIOS has been dedicated with total commitment to the creation of door-to-door transport solutions, regarding maritime and air logistics, on an international basis.

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Coeffort was established in January 2015, core business of Coeffort is supply chain management and provide professional solutions, including supply chain financing, supply chain design, procurement and distribution, international customs clearance agent, executive stock trusteeship, Department of outsourcing, outsourcing processing and distribution management, supply chain services. I hope our business can do for customers "time Save", "money Save", "way touching One".

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager  of Smart Logistics Group

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager of Smart Logistics Group

SMART LOGISTICS GROUP is a premier transportation and logistics company, with coverage in SPAIN/EUROPE. Our value-added services portfolio includes import and export freight management, truck brokerage, intermodal, load/mode and network optimization, and global visibility. We provide freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and all other logistics services.

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

We are " ORDAN CARGO LTD" a freight forwarding & logistics company based in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2001 having presences at all main ports ASHDOD/HAIFA/TLV for Import/Export/Cross SEA/AIR. We provide excellent and creative logistics solutions as well as quality service with competitive prices.

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  • »What is the Tare Mass of Containers2014-08-12

    Tare Mass---tare weight or tare---is the mass (or weight) of empty container, including all fittings and appliances used in a particular type of container in its normal operating condition.

  • »What is the Payload of Containers2014-08-12

    Payload Payload is the maximum permitted mass (or weight) of payload, including the dunnage and cargo securement arrangements that are not associated with the container in its normal operating condition. Therefore, Payload = Rating - Tare Mass.

  • »The Marking and Identification of Containers2014-08-12

    The rating, tare mass and payload of a container is marked on its wall, usually on the end (rear) door in the case of an end-loading dry cargo container.

  • »About Packing (Loading) and Emptying the Containers2014-08-12

    The hand packing and emptying of containers is still common in many countries. The time required in packing or emptying a container depends on the kind, size and weight of the cargo, the means (manual or mechanical), and the number of persons doing the packing or emptying. Packing generally takes more time than emptying.

  • »Efficient Packing of Containers ---Corrugated Cartons, Wooden Cases/Boxes, and B2014-08-12

    The basic information on how to efficiently pack (load) the containers is being discussed here. There are several container-loading software in the market in which the exporters and shippers may use to generate the efficient way of packing (loading) the containers.

  • »How to Inspect the Container2014-08-12

    In the case of a CY/CY or CY/CFS container service, the shipper has to arrange for the drayage of the empty container from the carrier's container terminal to the shipper's premises. The shipper must inspect the container to ensure it will adequately protect the cargo. In a dry cargo container, the doors, walls and ceiling demand the utmost attention. The doors must be in good working condition and the door locking bars should secure and lock properly. The load may push against the container doors during a rough sea voyage. Even though the rating of a 20' container is 24,000 kgs., the doors cannot withstand that much pressure of solid load pushed against them during conveyance.

  • »What is Interlocking of Export Packs2014-08-12

    Interlock the export packs (e.g. cartons or bags) on a pallet and inside a container wherever possible. Please see the Diagram: Interlocked Cargo below. The interlocked cargo provides load stability, giving a compact stow that reduces the potential of collapse with movement on land, air and at sea.

  • »Illustration of Pallet Stowing Patterns in a Container2014-08-12

    The pallet stowing patterns [L], [M] and [N] presented below as viewed from the top of the container:

  • »Illustration of the Pallet Yield in a Container2014-08-12

    Referring to the Diagram: Palletized Cargo and Diagram: Container, and the pallet orientations [1] and [2] below.

  • »What is Stack Loading of Pallets2014-08-12

    Referring to the Table: Pallet Yield above, the number of pallets in a container can be doubled by double stacking of pallets, but at the expense of the total height and the gross weight of each loaded pallet. Stack loading is possible only if the cargo underneath can stand up to the compression from the overlaying pallet, and the center of gravity does not exceed half the height of the container.

  • »Be Care of the Stowage of Container2014-08-12

    Never allow anyone to smoke inside a container. A carelessly discarded cigarette can cause a serious fire that may destroy the cargo and the ship, and may cause the loss of life. In tropical areas, the air inside a dry cargo container is hot, humid and suffocating, especially inside a 40' container. To relieve discomfort when packing a container, it is necessary to use forced ventilation with an electric blower or fan. The air humidity is high, especially during the wet or rainy season. Forced ventilation can minimize humid air from being trapped inside a container, as the air may condense into liquid and damage the cargo when the container enters a subzero temperature area.

  • »The Use of Loading Equipment2014-08-12

    Not all shippers have a container loading dock or raised bank with suitable dock plate at their premises, where the forklift and pallet truck can enter the container. The cargo is often manually or mechanically lifted from the ground onto the container that sits on the chassis (the bogie) or flatbed truck (the open truck). The inclining belt conveyor sometimes is used to move the cargo from the ground up to the container doors, and the roller conveyor is used to convey the cargo from the container doors to the inner section, particularly when packing a 40' container, which is deep.

  • »What is Containerized Shipments2014-08-12

    The use of containers in export shipments makes the transport and handling easier and faster. The crane and gantry are commonly used in handling containers. The forklift is also used at the docks and container terminals to move the 20' and shorter dry cargo containers, which are equipped with forklift pockets---fork pockets or tine pockets.

  • »Container Size, Number and Load Options2014-08-12

    The cargo weight and cube influence the size and number of containers needed for an order. The term cube refers to the cubic measurement of cargo.

  • »What is FCL and LCL2014-08-12

    FCL ----- full container load; full carload LCL ----- less than container load; loose container load; less than carload; loose carload

  • »What is CY and CFS2014-08-12

    CY ----- container yard CFS ----- container freight station

  • »Modes of CY and CFS Container Services2014-08-12

    The CY/CY (read as 'CY to CY') container service---door-to-door container service or house-to-house container service---broadly means that the whole container received by the carrier is packed at the shipper's or the forwarder's premises, and the delivery of that same whole container to the consignee's premises.

  • »Palletized Cargo in Container Shipments2014-08-12

    The Table: Pallet Count below gives an idea of the number of pallets a standard dry cargo container can accommodate, assuming that each pallet is stacked with cargo to 4.5' high and each pallet itself is about 5.5" high (or the total height of each loaded pallet is about 5 feet).

  • »How to Maximized Use of a Container Capacity2014-08-12

    The essence in maximizing the use of a container capacity is to stuff the most cubes (i.e., largest cubic measurement) into a container that would give the lowest freight cost. If the capacity of a container is 1,170 cu. ft., it does not mean that the exporter must (or can) fully stuff it up to 1,170 cu. ft.. This can seldom be done due to the restrictions imposed by the kind of cargo and the type and size of the export pack.

  • »How to Select Suitable Container Type2014-08-12

    As a result of development of the refrigerated container, the transport of highly perishable goods on flatracks in actively ventilated holds (e.g. on ro/ro ships), the naturally ventilated container and open containers, a wide range of options exists from which the ideal solution may be selected for each particular cargo (Fig. 52).

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