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Executive Talks


Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Philomina Global Head office located at Khartoum City that is well known, and having branches @ Port Sudan (Seaport City), and our modern office systems and all staff to give excellent services to our potential customers and worldwide associates.

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Since the year 2000 INÍCIO TRANSITÁRIOS has been dedicated with total commitment to the creation of door-to-door transport solutions, regarding maritime and air logistics, on an international basis.

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Coeffort was established in January 2015, core business of Coeffort is supply chain management and provide professional solutions, including supply chain financing, supply chain design, procurement and distribution, international customs clearance agent, executive stock trusteeship, Department of outsourcing, outsourcing processing and distribution management, supply chain services. I hope our business can do for customers "time Save", "money Save", "way touching One".

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager  of Smart Logistics Group

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager of Smart Logistics Group

SMART LOGISTICS GROUP is a premier transportation and logistics company, with coverage in SPAIN/EUROPE. Our value-added services portfolio includes import and export freight management, truck brokerage, intermodal, load/mode and network optimization, and global visibility. We provide freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and all other logistics services.

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

We are " ORDAN CARGO LTD" a freight forwarding & logistics company based in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2001 having presences at all main ports ASHDOD/HAIFA/TLV for Import/Export/Cross SEA/AIR. We provide excellent and creative logistics solutions as well as quality service with competitive prices.

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  • »What are Conference Discounts and Contract Shippers2014-08-26

    The freight conference offers discounts or rebates to the 'loyal' shipper, known as contract shipper, who gives its entire support to members of the conference.

  • »What are Freight Rebates2014-08-26

    The granting of a freight rebate to the shipper is not uncommon in the highly competitive transport industry. The grant can be legal or illegal.

  • »What is Ocean (Marine) Bills of Loading2014-08-26

    The bill of lading (in ocean transport), waybill or consignment note (in air, road, rail or sea transport), and receipt (in postal or courier delivery) are collectively known as the transport documents.

  • »Straight versus Order Bills of Lading2014-08-26

    Straight Bill of Lading In a straight bill of lading---non-negotiable bill of lading---the title to the goods is conferred directly to a party named in the letter of credit (the importer usually), as such the title to the goods is not transferable to another party by endorsement. In other words, the bill of lading is not negotiable.

  • »Stale Bill of Lading and the Guarantee for Delivery of Goods2014-08-26

    In short-sea trades, for example within the Asian countries, it is not uncommon for the goods to arrive at the port of destination before the bill of lading (B/L). Under this circumstance the B/L is known as a stale bill of lading or late bill of lading.

  • »Export Shipping Instructions2014-08-26

    When an exporter engages a custom broker or forwarder to handle the customs declaration, he/she must give instructions on what to do with the shipment in the shipping instructions. The format of the shipping instructions varies, but all the forms essentially contain the same information. One form is often used in different modes of transportation.

  • »Short Form versus Long Form Bills of Lading2014-08-26

    Short Form Bill of Lading In a short form bill of lading---blank back bill of lading---the terms and conditions of carriage on the reverse (back) of the bill of lading (B/L) are omitted, instead they are listed on a document other than the B/L. Unless otherwise stipulated in the letter of credit (L/C), a short form bill of lading is acceptable.

  • »Clean versus Foul Bills of Lading2014-08-26

    The bill of lading (B/L) is made out according to the information contained in the dock receipt, or in some cases according to the completed working copy of the B/L supplied by the customs broker. If a dock receipt is clean, the B/L will be clean, otherwise the B/L will be foul. The bank will reject a foul bill of lading, unless stipulated otherwise in the letter of credit (L/C).

  • »What is Shipper's Load and Count2014-08-26

    The phrase "shipper's Load and count" means cargo moving under a bill of lading (B/L) where the carrier acts as a transport contractor without responsibility for loading or unloading. The carrier marks this phrase on the B/L if it does not supervise the loading or unloading of the cargo, which is the typical case in a full container load shipment. Hence, the carrier will not be held accountable for the number of units reported on the B/L. The carrier often adds the words "said to contain" or "said by shipper to contain" before the number of units of a commodity, for example, "3 40-FT. CONTAINERS SAID TO CONTAIN 4,095 CARTONS RUBBER SHOES".

  • »Other Ocean/Sea Transport Documents2014-08-26

    Through Bill of Lading The through bill of lading---combined transport bill of lading---is used to cover at least two different modes of transportation, known as multimodal transport, or different means of conveyance.

  • »What is Shipment Control2014-08-26

    Proper control of the date of shipment is very important in the exporting. A delayed shipment may mean losing the order and the customer's trust.

  • »What is Installment Shipment2014-08-26

    Installment shipment means shipping an order in different batches and on different periods stipulated in the letter of credit (L/C).

  • »What is Partial Shipment2014-08-26

    The partial shipment---part shipment---is allowed, unless otherwise stipulated in the L/C. When shipments are made on different dates and/or different ports or points of origin, but the transport documents indicate the same destination and bear the same means of conveyance for the same journey, they are not regarded as covering partial shipments.

  • »What is Customs Closing Date2014-08-26

    The customs closing date is the last date that the carrier accepts the cargo for shipment in a specified voyage at designated delivery location or closing location---the container terminal or dock.

  • »Case Sample: Container Selection (2)2014-08-25

    n cases where the importer uses his/her own consolidator in handling the delivery in an FOB sales term, the exporter may not worry about maximizing the use of a container capacity. For example, assuming that in the Case Sample: Container Selection (1) the importer orders 665 cartons of product DX at FOB price and will let his/her own consolidator, which is located in the importer's country and has an office in the exporter's country, handle the forwarding. The consolidator, knowing that the cargo is product DX but not knowing the total weight and cube of the proposed consignment, may quote the importer as follows:

  • »Case Sample: Container Selection (1)2014-08-25

    An importer orders 1,500 cartons of product DX. The gross weight of each carton is 10.5 kilograms and its length-width-height is 1.5' x 1' x 1' (1.5 cu. ft. or 0.04248 CBM). The nature of product DX demands the stowage of cartons in upright position. The cargo gross weight of 15,750 kilograms suits a 20' or a 40' container. The total cube is 2,250 cu. ft. (63.713 CBM).

  • »Case Sample: Freight Consolidation (2)2014-08-25

    Further to Case Sample: Freight Consolidation (1), assuming that XY Consolidator has an office named XY Branch at the importing country of DEF Imports, and DEF Imports contracts XY Branch to handle a shipment from UVW Exports at the exporting country, the sales term is FOB Port A in the exporting country. The contract, in which UVW Exports is informed in advance by DEF Imports, calls for a delivery from Port A to DEF Imports' premises---meaning that DEF Imports has to pay XY Branch the agreed-upon CBM (cubic meter) cost to cover such charges as the ocean freight from Port A to Port B in the importing country, and the handling charge, documentation fee, and inland freight from Port B to DEF Imports' premises.

  • »Case Sample: Freight Consolidation (1)2014-08-25

    XY Consolidator 'buys' 100 containers of 20' from RS Shipping on vessel S/S AMIGO, Voyage No. 8, the route is from Port A (of the exporting country) to Port B (of the importing country), at a discounted box rate of US$1,300/container. To explain the case, it is assumed that the freight is charged on measure basis only, instead of weight or measure, and assumed that the capacity of 20' container is 33 CBM (cubic meters). As such, XY Consolidator 'buys' a total fixed shipping space of 3,300 CBM at the ocean freight cost of US$39.394/CBM.

  • »Guangzhou Manhuaxi Co., Ltd & Guangdong HongKong Macau Shipping Co., Ltd, Disput2014-08-25

    Summary: Carrier wrongly shipped two groups of cargoes from the same shipper, which should be shipped to two different destination ports, to the contrary ports; and the cargoes are constructive loss. The shipper asked compensation of the loss of cargoes and other losses from the carrier; the carrier counterclaim, asking the shipper to pay the freight. The court holds that the carrier shall bear the liability of wrongly shipping the cargoes and indemnify the losses of the shipper's cargoes, but the shipper's obligation of paying the freight cannot be released by the wrongly shipping.

  • »Dispute over Loan Contract of Hong Run (Group) Co. Ltd.2014-08-25

    Information of Litigants

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