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Executive Talks


Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Interview with Milad M Istefanous, Executive Director of Philomina Global Services Co. Ltd.

Philomina Global Head office located at Khartoum City that is well known, and having branches @ Port Sudan (Seaport City), and our modern office systems and all staff to give excellent services to our potential customers and worldwide associates.

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Interview with Filipe Garcia, Branch Manager of Inicio transitarios Lda

Since the year 2000 INÍCIO TRANSITÁRIOS has been dedicated with total commitment to the creation of door-to-door transport solutions, regarding maritime and air logistics, on an international basis.

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Interview with Ken Zhu,of Coeffort (Shanghai) Logistics & SCM Co., Ltd

Coeffort was established in January 2015, core business of Coeffort is supply chain management and provide professional solutions, including supply chain financing, supply chain design, procurement and distribution, international customs clearance agent, executive stock trusteeship, Department of outsourcing, outsourcing processing and distribution management, supply chain services. I hope our business can do for customers "time Save", "money Save", "way touching One".

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager  of Smart Logistics Group

Interview with Arturo Chavez, Commercial Manager of Smart Logistics Group

SMART LOGISTICS GROUP is a premier transportation and logistics company, with coverage in SPAIN/EUROPE. Our value-added services portfolio includes import and export freight management, truck brokerage, intermodal, load/mode and network optimization, and global visibility. We provide freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and all other logistics services.

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

Interview with Ordan Cargo, Managing Director of Ordan Cargo Ltd

We are " ORDAN CARGO LTD" a freight forwarding & logistics company based in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2001 having presences at all main ports ASHDOD/HAIFA/TLV for Import/Export/Cross SEA/AIR. We provide excellent and creative logistics solutions as well as quality service with competitive prices.

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  • »What are Customs warehouses2014-08-14

    Customs warehousing allows the owner to hold imported non-Community goods in the Community and choose when he pays the duties or re-exports the goods.

  • »What is Temporary Storage2014-08-14

    Non-Community goods brought into the customs territory of the Community cannot be released from the customs office or other approved place at which they are presented until they are assigned to a customs-approved treatment or use. In the meantime, the goods must remain under customs supervision and are held in 'temporary storage', either at the customs office of presentation or at any other place designated, approved and controlled by that office.

  • »What is Air Freight2014-08-14

    Most air cargoes are carried on passenger airliner. About 80% to 90% of air cargoes are transported by IATA (International Air Transport Association) members. IATA standardizes the rules and regulations for air carriers throughout the world.

  • »Benefits of Air Freight2014-08-14

    The ports worldwide can be reached in 1 or 2 days or in a few hours by air freight, thus reducing the risks of theft, pilferage and damage to the goods. Delivery to certain areas may take several weeks to arrive by ocean and land freight. Time sensitive or perishable goods, such as fresh seafood and flowers, often rely on the air freight.

  • »How to Select Suitable Container Type2014-08-14

    As a result of development of the refrigerated container, the transport of highly perishable goods on flatracks in actively ventilated holds (e.g. on ro/ro ships), the naturally ventilated container and open containers, a wide range of options exists from which the ideal solution may be selected for each particular cargo (Fig. 52).

  • »Stowage space requirements on a container ship2014-08-14

    A question which is at present still open to debate is that of allocating the stowage space on board ship which is optimum for the particular cargo. Present practice is to allocate stowage space with regard to optimum packing and unpacking technology, the only restrictions applying in the case of hazardous goods of the IMDG code and of refrigerated containers, which naturally have to be allocated the spaces provided for them.

  • »Compatibility Characteristics of Cargos2014-08-14

    If goods are to be stowed together when packing a container, the interrelationships between the transport properties of products must be taken into account, since disregarding them may result in quality degradation and damage.

  • »Definition: Transport properties of products2014-08-14

    Most changes occurring during transport, handling and storage operations are unwanted and considered damage. Only a few changes, such as postfermentation of tobacco, tea, green coffee beans and raw cocoa or ripening of cheese, are desirable changes,

  • »What is General Cargoes2014-08-14

    General cargoes, even if not classed as dangerous, can pose dangers to ships or those on board, if certain precautions are not observed. If the cargo is to be discharged in generally the same condition as when loaded, further common sense considerations apply.

  • »What is Bulk cargoes2014-08-14

    Virtually all liquids transported by sea - such as crude oil and finished petroleum products - are carried in bulk, and tankers now form by far the greatest percentage of the world fleet of merchant ships.

  • »What is Road Freight2014-08-12

    The road freight and rail freight are commonly used in the cross-border deliveries, for example, the delivery of export goods between mainland European countries and between North American countries.

  • »Road Waybills and Rail Waybills2014-08-12

    The road waybill (road consignment note) or rail waybill (rail consignment note) serves as a receipt for goods and an evidence of the contract of carriage, but it is not a document of title to the goods. The consignee can obtain the goods from the carrier at the destination point without presentation of the road waybill or the rail waybill, as the case may be.

  • »What are Post Receipts2014-08-12

    The post receipt---postal receipt, parcel post receipt, or certificate of posting---is issued by the Post Office for goods sent by parcel post. The date stamped on the face of a post receipt is deemed to be the date of shipment or dispatch. It must be dated in the place from which the letter of credit (L/C) stipulates the goods are to be shipped or dispatched.

  • »What are Courier's Receipt2014-08-12

    The courier's receipt is issued by a courier (or expedited delivery service). The courier's receipt must indicate the name of the courier (or expedited delivery service) and be stamped, signed or otherwise authenticated on its face and indicate a date of pick-up or of receipt or wording to this effect, the date is deemed to be the date of shipment or dispatch. Unless the letter of credit (L/C) specifically calls for a document issued by a named courier (or expedited delivery service), a document issued by any courier (or expedited delivery service) is acceptable.

  • »Eurotunnel becomes first private group to gain approval for “Train Driver” train2014-08-08

    CIFFCO (The Opal Coast International Railway Training Centre), established by Groupe Eurotunnel, has obtained recognition for its “Train Driver” training programme on the national register of professional certifications in France. Until recently, the SNCF was the only company with this recognition. The recognition by the state of this fast growing activity proves the value of the demanding and practical work done to support youth employment and which calls upon many professional skill s: autonomy, route knowledge, safety procedures, mechanical qualifications, customer information, etc.

  • »China plans controversial railway to India, Nepal, Bhutan by 20202014-08-08

    China plans to extend a railway through to India, Nepal and Bhutan by 2020 once an extension to Shigatse opens, according to the state-run Global Times of Beijing, according to Shipping Gazette. China opened the railway to Tibet’s capital Lhasa in 2006, which will first be extended to Shigatse, the seat of Tibetan Buddhism's second-highest figure, the Panchen Lama, before linking up to India, Nepal and Bhutan.

  • »Siemens wins 145m train supply order from ÖBB2014-08-08

    Siemens has secured an order worth around 145m from Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) to supply nine Railjet trains, which will operate on the Vienna-Salzburg western route and the route to Venice, according to Railway Technology.

  • »Siemens tests eHighway system in California2014-08-08

    Siemens is to conduct trials on a two-mile stretch of highway after installing a catenary system for electric and hybrid trucks in the vicinity of the largest US ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

  • »Transmashholding completes TEM35 locomotive testing2014-08-08

    Russian rail manufacturer Transmashholding has finished testing its TEM35 shunting diesel locomotive with a hybrid power unit, according to Railway Technology.

  • »Hitachi Rail to equip Class 37 locomotives with ETCS2014-08-08

    Hitachi Rail Europe has signed a contract with the UK's Network Rail to install the European train control system (ETCS) on two Class 37 locomotives, according to Railway Technology.

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