Interview with Sunny Zhang, the sale of Guangzhou EAGLE International Transportation Co., Ltd,


Guangzhou EAGLE International Transportation Co., Ltd,was established in 2004, is mainly providing integrated services in international transportation for container cargo, as well as services as booking agent. Today, we have made an interview with one of its staff Sunny Zhang. Let us to know how a common logistics person works for his company.

One memorable experience

People always say that the most memorable thing is our fault. Yes I think it is. I have made a mistake when I was a sale man not very long time. That day I have found one new customer, after talking about the price he placed an order. At first he told me the quantity was 40GP. But after his leaving, I called his assist to confirm the quantity. His assist told me the quantity was 40HQ. Then I was busy at that time and just noticed our operator to revise it from 40GP to 40HQ by QQ. But my colleague was also very busy and had not seen what I had told her. So 40 GP had been booked. And the day was due for clearing customer so we could not revise it at last. Because of this customer was very angry with me and did not entrust his cargo to us again. Since then I know I should put my customer's benefits to be the first. After our customer revising order, whatever how busy I am, I should confirm the information with our colleague. Only the meticulous service, we could retain our customer. Afterwards, my first job is to serve our customer who has placed the order to guarantee the deal of containers is Ok. Then the next task for me is to explore new customers. So most of my customers trusted me and encrusted their cargos to me.

Advantageous business will promote my achievement

I think all sales will say an outstanding achievement sometimes turns on if your company offers a good platform for you. I am appreciated with our company and our management group; they make efforts to establish a platform for us ceaselessly. We have a very strong line called Africa line. Seldom freight forwarder opens this Africa line. And during the years of the financial crisis, export and freight are not boom, the Africa line always keep a good state. And at that time we still have a good business achievement. Many sales in other companies lost their customers and lay off. But we always keep a good profit. So as an excellent saleman, just depends on your own efforts, it is not enough at all. We should choose a good platform for us to develop ourselves. Then we need to do our best to explore the market.

Sunny Zhang is a young sale man, and his experience and idea represent most of salesmen in this area. They offer thire youth to logistics industry. Here let us bless him to have a bright future.

Source: JCtrans
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