Unreserved service is the key point to succeed


Universe International Ltd.General Manager Tina Sun

Several things witnessed unrserved service is the key point to gain a large share of the market.

I remembered our first business. We had a lot of difficulties at that time. That was one lot of bulk cargo which concerned with more than two parties, including factory, exporter, carrier, importer, and overseas logistics agent. We could imagine just one part has problem, the whole process could not go on smoothly. This cargo could not be released by Customs. This made each party be on tenterhooks. And we tried our best to find out the problems. We communicated with factory, shipping line, exporter patiently to try different solutions and all kinds of suggestion. At last the cargo was picked up after our 8 months' efforts. Our customers were very appreciated with us.

Also another business gave me a deep impression. We had a good relationship with an Indian customer now, which have been introduced by JCtrans.net. At first, the customer just tried to communicate with us but not trust us, because we had never negotiate before. They inquired for many times and may also inquiry from other companies. It won't affect us. We could understand that a foreign logistics company could not know about Chinese situation very clearly. They need our patients to help them and give them useful suggestion. Then they could trust us. So we are very patient and hospitable every time when they inquired. We also had suggested many solutions for their cargoes. At last, they said "You are worthy to trust". This is the beginning of our cooperation. Now they are one of our important customers in India.

From above two things, I convinced more than ever that how important unreserved service is to an enterprise. Especially now, gloomy economy allows us to accumulate strength. Many enterprises which are not adapt to the market are closed. Professional competence is not the only determinant factor in this area. Service is another determinant and could not be neglected. "Heart to Heart" service or "one to one" service is our core-concept. We do not go after the quantity alone but the service quality. To guarantee this "one to one" service, we put forth to a series of policies and measures, for instance, each sale and operator should not has too many customers, and service quality is listed to their performance appraisal. Each of our staff should treat our customers as their own relatives; treat their cargoes as their own cargoes. We believe we will be the strongest when economy recoveries.

Everybody in Universe knows: Do by your heart! Don't care how the others treat you! Try your best at any time! If you are needed by others, you are successful at last!

Source: jctransnet

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