Seafood History


13 years ago SEA-EX saw the need to connect Australian Seafood Companies with national and international markets and created an internet marketing directory that was initially promoting Australian seafood.

Today is a successful marketing and information website that promotes the Seafood, Fishing and Marine Industry products and services to global markets. The site receives tens of thousands of visitors each day.

The Commercial Fishing & Seafood Site is for commercial fishermen and associated marine industries, such as processors, seafood suppliers, both wholesale and retail, specialist seafood suppliers, brokers, importers and exporters, trawlers, ships repairers, chandlers and more. Information and contacts in the Aquaculture Industry are also listed.

Consumer advice about fish and seafood is an important part of the site with seafood recipes, nutritional information and preparation guides included.

Development of the site has seen it expand to well over 5,000 pages with sections now covering most aspects of marine related information. In addition to the seafood and fishing sections of the site,

Recreational Angling, Yachts & Yachting and Diving information is also included.

Buoyed by knowledge and a skillful understanding of the intricacies of search engines, Sea-Ex has maintained a business development strategy that keeps the Sea-Ex website listed in the top 10 positions on major search engines for relevant search terms. The Sea-Ex Web Directory is a crucial marketing tool that provides its advertising members the increased opportunity that their website, through linking within, has a greater potential to reach their target market on the Internet, whether they are local, national or international traders. Sea-Ex is an excellent springboard for launching a Memberí»s company from local to national, or even an international player.

Sea-Ex head office is in Brisbane, Australia and as the internet marketing landscape has changed quite a bit in the past two years the company is also rapidly expanding to Europe, China, Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Source: JCtrans

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