My Logistics Career - Key Factors of Success


"13 years 50 overseas visits in more than 30 countries across 7 continents." This is my summarization of my 16 years' work.

I never think the day of joining freight & transportation industry is not far from the day when an ordinary graduate will lead a new born company into a new shape at an international level very successfully.

I went in for this career in 1993 when I joined PCA Cargo Pvt Ltd, which was started in 1991 as our family company.

Since very outset my philosophy was to do more and more 'face to face meetings' with overseas partners to enhance the knowledge of our company. This necessity was recognized very soon and later become a part of our strategy of exploring overseas business which is still being obeyed now.

"Except hard work, honesty and professional capability, overseas personal contacts play a key role in expanding overseas business." This is what I have learnt in my career so far.

From the very outset, I was looking for a dynamic platform which I could establish network with international forwarders. Later, I succeeded to find World Freight Group in 1999.After having more than 100 overseas partners at this web, I really learn a lot about how to promote overseas business. Learning will never stop.

Do you think it is a waste of time to travel more? To me, not at all. Each overseas travel does not mean a visit of a new destination merely. It definitely brings fruitful results in one way or others. My Multiple trips brought me many new business. So to me, overseas traveling is actually "a fortune in a disguise". As a result of traveling around the world, I have successfully won the hearts of many leading forwarders around the world that are now generating non stop business for me.

My story is incomplete without mentioning of reciprocity and transparencies in logistics business. These are very crucial factors which play key role in strengthening of business with our counterparts around the world. In the principle of reciprocity transparency in we make our quotations and selling rates. So we have gained lots of overseas partners.

Fast payment profile and considerate service always let me have advantages over my competitors to grab more successful bids. These supporting factors are always available to me to place myself and my company at winning stage in the international market.

There is another important factor which we never take into account at early stage but becomes very crucial at later stage. That is "History" of your company. Years by years, one day we come to know that our company is 18 years old and realize "we have made a History". So now the long history of our company is really an asset for us and helps us to clutch new markets to expand our global position. This is really beyond our imagination.

In the expanding global economy, China is a big market to explore. To me China itself is a "Mini World Economy in itself" and need special attention and what has forced me to join a leading network of JCtrans to well place my company in this exclusive world of Chinese economy especially. My interaction with JCtrans members is very encouraging and I can foresee great business opportunity through this platform.

Mohammad Saleem
Director Overseas Dept.



Source: JCtrans

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