Exclusive interview on China International Logistics Week


China International Logistics Week (CILW) 2009, co-sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA) and Nanjing Municipal People's Government,, took place in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, from 18 to 22 November, 2009. CILW has developed into the biggest logistics event with highest level and most international influence in Asia. Our colleague Jack Zou has took part in this conference on behalf of JCtrans, and has a lot of ideas to share with us.

JCtrans reporter: Would you please talk about your feelings about this conference ?

Jack: I am glad that I have the chance to take part in this conference on behalf of our company. This conference's scale is the biggest as never before. Many people predicted that the number of participants would decline by a large margin because of the influence of crisis before its starting. However, in verse, there are 2951 honored guests and delegates from 22 different countries to take part in this conference. And at the conference, a spirited discussion on "green logistics", "logistic strategy on central cities"бн. several hot topics have been opened up. Remarkably, JCtrans has caused wide concern as the biggest logistic platform in China, and built a good relationship with several medias and many biggest logistics enterprises.

JCtrans reporter: We all know the logistics industry in China was shocked seriously, does this conference give the Chinese logistics industry a new direction?

Jack: This topic is discussed as the main topic of this conference. And the conference gave all logistic people a bright direction. The logistics in China is still in its primary stage. In this crisis, many enterprises which do not have strong competition closed down. And the whole logistic market is facing hardship and trials. How could the logistics industry recover? That needs combined action of integrated logistic chains and the third party of logistics. In the process of door to door service, enterprises divide the conveyance zone into many sections, and take the way of multimodal transportation to tide all the part together. In this way, the cost of logistic will be cut substantially and the work efficiency will be increased. But there are many small and mid-sized logistic companies have not the ability to complete the logistic chains. So the third party of logistics is very important. As long as these small and mid-sized logistic companies cooperated with the third party of logistic, the logistic chains could be completed easily.

JCtrans reporter: After this conference, I think you may have new understanding to our company's strategy.

Jack: Now our company is transforming. Except serving for our customers in logistics area, we also serve for trade customers and help trade customers intergrate logistic schemes. After taking part in this conference, I believe this direction is absolutely right. And our leaders have strategy vision. As a third party of logistics, we are a medium between traders and logistic forwarders. As long as we serve the traders constantly, we could offer best service to our logistic customers. And the logistics chains could be completed easily.

Source: JCtrans

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