Interview with Mr. Dele Adene, Manager of Standard Express Nig Ltd


JCtrans: Hello, Mr. Dele Adene, firstly, will you please make a brief introduction of Standard Express Nig Ltd?

Mr. Dele Adene: Standard Express Nigeria Limited is one of the prominent International Logistics Removal, Freight, Procurement and Transportation specialists headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

Standard Express Nig Ltd was established in the year 2004 by DELE ADENE. The company is in Lagos, which is the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. It is registered in accordance with the Companies and Allied Matter's Act of 1990 of Nigeria, with the Registration number RC: 502317. The company is to carry out door to door services over the complete logistics chain. It subsequently ventured into courier, warehousing and freighting services.

Standard Express Nigeria Limited has its office very close to the Nigeria International Airpor which is 10 minutes drive to theMuritala International airport and direct to the sea port, hence we are at close reach. In addition to these, we are represented in Abuja, Port Harcout, Calabar, Warri, Kano, Jos, and Kaduna. We cover Nigeria in operation.

However, we recognised the importance and the need to carefully monitor and control international logistics business, therefore our commitment to communication is of primary importance. We are positioned through our network associations such as Network for Cargo Logistics; JCtrans, Logisticator, LinkeNd and human and capital development to guarantee our numerous customers the best in terms of quality of service delivery.

Our growth today has been achieved through employing dedicated and enthusiastic personel, who have built an open and honest relationship with our customers and had maintained their integrity and totally flexible to their core needs.

It is our belief that the commitment we are making is for the enhancement of a truly standard logistics systems, providing flexibility in service without compromising the quality of the service rendered.

At Standard Express Nig Ltd, we are dedicated to working for our client's security and comfort in the delivering of their shipments.Our expertise in the industry ensures wider and faster delivery of clients' shipments to their destinations hitch-free. This is because we have built up solid relationship with the Liners, Customs, and Inspection Agencies in Nigeria. In addition, assistance can also be given to importers and exporters in Nigeria and abroad to register with the government agencies involving export and import trade.

Finally, all these have to be completed by our core values:

VISSION STATEMENT: We want to be an enviable logistics service provider with difference through speed and service efficiency, while creating wealth and value to our stake holders.

MISSION STATEMENT: We want to achieve service excellence, dependability in logistics business and wealth creation. Assuring all our associates, partners, and customers of our best attention at all times.

JCtrans: We know Standard Express Nig Ltd was established in year 2004. And it must have formed its own outstanding enterprise characteristics in these years. So will you please talk about that?

Mr. Dele Adene: Standard Express Nig Ltd is a member of JCtrans and we are proud to announce that since our inception in logistics business we have been recognised as one of the best and fast growing private company in Nigeria and in the Republic of Benin, her neighbourhood country. We have an affiliation with other companies in Ghana, Togo, Gambia, USA, Germany, China and UK to mention a few.

This achievement would not have been possible without the wonderful support of our clients and shippers.The outstanding support we received from our overseas partners both within and outside JCtrans has tremedously contributed to our success. And lastly the hardwork, professionalism and dedication of all the staff, management, associates and partners made up our great organisation.

We extend a handfull motivation and training to the superior and the subordinates in our company and ths is complemented with good salaries and allowances which are competitive with other industries in the country.

Our partnership with both our customers, vendors have strengthened us every year. Since we started the business, this loyalty from both sides has definitely played the strong key to our success, therefore we feel honoured to be associated with so many strong international agents.

We appreciate everyone very much.

JCtrans: How do you see logistics industry development in your country?

Mr. Dele Adene: Logistics industry is still in its infant stage in Nigeria and all the time experiencing series of draw backs over the years in the area of congestion at sea ports, dilapidated road condition, which have impacted negatively on the desire for national development.

Logistics is a highly lucrative business that can not be expunge from the economic activities in Nigeria.

Nigeria with the population of about 50million people, is the most populous Black country in Africa, hence the market for investors is enormous. The country's mineral resources are numerous and include crude oil, coal, limestone, tin, iron ore, gold, bitumen and bauxite. The country is also rich in timber, cocoa, palm produce, corn, rice, beans, cassava, groundnut, soya beans and edible salt as well as cash crops to mention a few.

However, consecutive regime has made the country import dependent; hence the logistic industry has failed in its potentials to continue its growth steadily unto the next century. The country's budget is in excess of 300billion dollars annually and being an import dependent economy. Logistics industry is the main driver of the economy and has to be developed to a high standard level in order to compete with her counterpart developed nations.

In order to develop the economy most especially the logistics industry, Nigerian government is restructuring and reconstructing roadnetwork, rail network and the aviation sector to provide importer and exporter in Africa and rest of the world direct access to the different economic zones. In the maritime industry Government has given concession to private investors to develop the seaport, the following ports has been developed with new equipments to compete with their overseas counterparts: Lagos, Bonny, Calabar and Koko. This development has today eased the congestion phenomenon that used to build up in the ports, like cargo congestion and ship congestion. All the factors that contributed to the cargo and ship congestion like:

1. Delays by shipping companies in submitting essential documents, like ships manifest, the stowage plan, cargo list and the pallet list.

2. Long and tedious procdures in the ports handling.

3. Ship delayed in the port.

Unlike before all the companies and government agencies managing the ports have drastically arrested the aspect of congestion through the uses of modern equipments, and a number of measures like provision of a 24hours delivery service without additional charges, rent waiver to induce importer to take delivery of their goods already released by customs, direct delivery from vessels to all modes of conveyance was strictly enforced.

In the area of Aviation sector, companies like DHL, FEDEX and UPS on concessionary platforms have built an ultra mordern cargo hub in the air ports to ease delivery of cargoes in the country.

The Federal government, in her bid for the nation's logistics development has impacted in the domestication of the Geneva Convention of year 2010, to embark on the procurement of the British engineering manual to provide a comprehensive insight for road construction in Nigeria to align with global best practices. In the logistics field, a lot of institutions and associations have been playing the role of pressure group to ensure that international and standard in logistics management are strictly observed by practitioners in the country, while pushing for necessary infrastructures for effective and workable logistics industry to be provided by relevant agencies.

JCtrans: In order to make Standard Express go on developing steadily, what strategic planning do you have for the next 3 or 5 years?

Mr. Dele Adene: Thanks for your question, in order to remain in business and enjoy unlimited/ unsurpassable logistics company in Nigeria, a number of strategics planing has been set up as follows:

1. We have mapped out a plan to acquire more trucks equipped with advanced tracking systems, to meet up with the teaming demands of our numerous clients in Nigeria.

2. We have in our plan, to set up offices in some countries, where we feel we have economic advantages.

3. In order to diversify our logistics activities, to touch other area in the freighting sector, in the next 3 to 5 years, plan is in the oven to register a sister company in the aviation sector to operate and owns a gateway substantial hub in one of the state airport in Nigeria to start with.

4. Another crucial plan for expansion is to own a bonded warehouse in one of the economic zone in Nigeria.

Our main target is to satisfy our customers and retain both old and new and belong to the best forwarders group in Nigeria.

Source: JCtrans
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